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Erika Jayne of RHOBH’s Therapist Claims she Needs to Grieve her Divorce

All of Erika Jayne’s emotional outbursts on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills can be attributed to her grief at the dissolution of her marriage to Tom.
Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may have found Erika Jayne’s dramatic outbursts to be a bit much, but it appears that she was just venting her pain about the breakup of her marriage. On November 3, 2020, Erika Jayne’s filed for divorce from Tom Girardi after learning of his legal problems. Others could tell the “Pretty Mess” singer truly cared for the former attorney and was devastated by how it ended, contrary to some who may have thought she was just a gold-digger.

Erika Jayne’s reactions during RHOBH season 12 were expected and entirely typical, according to Erika’s therapist, Dr. Jenn Mann, via InStyle. Erika’s multiple meltdowns, including the one in Aspen, were caused by her “shame and remorse,” according to the relationship specialist. Dr. Jenn made the observation that Erika, who will never be friends with Sutton Stracke, had to “grieve” her marriage, particularly after receiving negative press for divorcing Tom just before he was charged with embezzling funds owing to his less fortunate clients.

Erika Jayne
BravoCon East VS. West from the Javits Center in New York City on Friday, October 14, 2022 (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo via Getty Images)

Erika Jayne Therapist Claims she Needs to Grieve her Divorce therapist continued by telling RHOBH viewers that, despite what the general public may think, Erika is now struggling with a significant loss. Erika had built a social network, dreamed of a life with Tom, and hoped for an endless future with him. Dr. Jenn claims that even if she was somehow “betrayed,” the loss always persists. The relationship expert concluded her article by stating that most people “don’t give themselves the room to grieve” after a breakup and that we “live in a numb-out culture and very few of us are encouraged to be in touch with our feelings.” This provided most fans with an understanding of what Erika has been going through for the past two years.

Fans of RHOBH don’t trust Erika, so when she spoke about her behaviour at BravoCon, she admitted that her acts on the show weren’t always the best. Fans of RHOBH will be aware that Tom had to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2020 because to allegations that he owed his clients millions of dollars. Erika and Tom, however, were both charged with fraud. As a result of allegations that Tom placed money in Erika’s LLC, EJ Global, to support their extravagant lifestyle, she has also been named in multiple other lawsuits.

Although Erika Jayne may have been too emotional during her outbursts, the explanation may provide insight into what Erika, who is engaged in a simmering dispute with Dorit Kemsley, may be feeling on the inside. While some followers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wouldn’t condone Erika’s actions, others, particularly those who have experienced a divorce, can well comprehend how the anguish and loss of such a circumstance may have driven Erika to fury. Erika is still up for debate, but she is consistently succeeding in court. There is no telling what the cameras will capture when they start rolling again because the new season has been put on hold until the new year.

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