The Comedian Dave Chappelle Hosted this week's "Saturday Night Live" with a 15-minute performance

After the release of "The Closer" in October of last year, which featured offensive remarks about the transgender community, sparked immediate response from Netflix employees

This week, SNL has received much interest due to reports that writers may boycott the episode and some of the cast may have been dissatisfied with Chappelle's engagement with the show

Chappelle's monologue, which covered subjects including Kanye West, Trump, the conflict in Ukraine, and free speech, was given a long fifteen minutes

Chappelle's remarked that one should never put “the” before “Jews,” But he missed the courage to admit that in The Closer, he should not have used “the” before “transgenders”

Dave Chappelle characterised Trump as a "Honest Liar" and commented on how society punishes Black people for mistakes aggressively

The majority of the monologue, seemed to be mocking or trolling individuals who have criticised Chappelle's statements

Chappelle complained, It shouldn't be this scary to Talk. It will definitely have fans and critics, but it is successful in provoking discussion and thought

On the other hand, a few of Chappelle statements during his monologue, Such as "Barber Shop Talk" seemed to show that his point of view could falsify the Black experience as a whole

Love him or hate him, Chappelle was clearly the night's most valuable player. This is an admission that he had a role in every aspect of this show rather than endorsing any of his opinions. It appeared to be Chappelle's version of SNL