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Vikings Defeat Colts in Overtime, Completing the largest Comeback in NFL history

Minnesota — The Minnesota Vikings of 2022 may be the greatest-ever entertaining team. The Minnesota Vikings overcame a 33-0 halftime score to defeat the visiting Indianapolis Colts 39-36 in overtime, pulling off the largest comeback in National Football League history.

It was simply a performance that had to be seen to be believed. However, to win the game and secure the division, kicker Greg Joseph connected on a 40-yard field goal through the uprights with seconds remaining in overtime.

K.J. Osborn’s 2-yard touchdown halfway through the third quarter served as the catalyst for Minnesota’s comeback. C.J. Ham scored on a 1-yard touchdown run at the conclusion of the third quarter, making the score 36-7 after Chase McLaughlin made a 52-yard from goal to make it that score.

Justin Jefferson grabbed an 8-yard touchdown pass, and Adam Thielen caught a 1-yard touchdown pass, bringing the score to 36-28 with 5:30 remaining in the game.

Chandon Sullivan recovered a fumble and ran 39 yards to the end zone, which would have been a defensive touchdown for Minnesota With 3:28 remaining in the fourth quarter. Jackson, though, was erroneously determined to be down after field contact. Once that had occurred, the ball was placed in the location of the recovery even if the play had been declared a fumble.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – DECEMBER 17: Zack Moss #21 of the Indianapolis Colts carries the ball against the Minnesota Vikings during the second half at U.S. Bank Stadium on December 17, 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Nevertheless, Dalvin Cook’s 64-yard touchdown run after catching a screen ball from the Vikings knotted the score at 36–36. And T.J. Hockenson successfully converted a two-point play.

In extra time, Minnesota had the ball first, but its drive stalled, and the team punted. With 1:41 remaining, Minnesota took over at its 18-yard line after the Colts punted from their 44-yard line after failing to advance into scoring position.

A 21-yard throw from Cousins to Thleien allowed the Vikings to enter Colts territory without using any timeouts. Additionally, the Colts were called for an evident defensive delay of game after Jefferson caught a pass at the Indy 27 with just under 20 seconds left as the team attempted to prevent the Vikings from being able to spike the ball.

Though it’s important to note that even if he had missed it, the Vikings would have won the NFC North with a tie, it didn’t work, as Joseph’s 40-yard try went through the uprights to complete the comeback.

Cousins completed 34 of 54 passes for 460 yards, four touchdowns, and two interceptions. With 10 catches for 157 yards and a score, Osborn had a career day, while Jefferson finished with 12 catches for 123 yards.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – DECEMBER 17: Minnesota Vikings fans react during the second half of the game against the Indianapolis Colts at U.S. Bank Stadium on December 17, 2022 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

The first half, in which the Colts scored four field goals and a touchdown from special teams, offence, and defence, was such a striking contrast to the second.

However, the Colts’ final record is 4-9-1, and they are winless under interim coach Jeff Saturday.

At U.S. Bank Stadium, where the Vikings will host a postseason game, they are now 11-3.

There is now a second Minneapolis Miracle. This was a chaotic, heartfelt, and pure emotional rollercoaster journey.

Chandon Sullivan scored two touchdowns on reversed fumble returns, but both of those plays were ruled out by the referees. Both sides made mind-blowing mistakes and amazing plays in each of the game’s three stages.

It was unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed, and it’s unlikely I ever will be. The Minnesota Vikings of 2022 are unique. They are, in fact.

They also won the NFC North. And the creators of the greatest comeback in history. No matter how the season ends, everyone involved will look back on it as a memorable adventure.

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