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Ticketmaster Cancels Ticket sales for Public “Swift’s Eras Tour”

According to Ticketmaster Friday’s general public ticket sales for Swift’s Eras Tour have been postponed, “due to high demands on ticketing systems and insufficient available ticket inventory to match that demand.” The company tweeted

The company did not provide any other details regarding the issues they mentioned or say if any further tickets would ever be sold.

On Tuesday, some fans who had received Verified Fan presale codes faced technical difficulties or got stuck in Ticketmaster’s virtual waiting area, disappointing fans. Due to the massive interest in the tour, other presale events had to be rescheduled for later that day or the next. 

On Thursday, just before ending the general sale, Ticketmaster released a statement outlining what went wrong and blaming both the site’s record-breaking demand and visitors who entered without Verified Fan access codes.

According to the corporation, over 3.5 million for a chance to win a Verified Fan access ticket. Codes were distributed to approximately 1.5 million people, and more pre-registered users were added to a waiting.

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Swift’s U.S. tour, which begins in Arizona in March and concludes in Los Angeles in August, has gained 17 more dates. There will be 52 performances during the tour. 

“A Verified Fan for sale has never before attracted this much attention or unwelcome volume. This interfered with the stability and reliability that characterise our Verified Fan programme “says the website. Some sales were delayed or rescheduled in order to “stabilise” Ticketmaster’s systems in order to handle the load.

A “vast number of bot attacks” plagued the website, and fans who had Verified Fan access codes tried to join the queue, causing 3.5 billion system requests—four times more than Ticketmaster has ever had to deal with. 

Jonathan Skrmettian, the attorney general of Tennessee, has also launched an investigation into the controversy around the Swift concert ticket sales. 

In a letter to the president and CEO of Live Nation Entertainment Inc Michael Rapino., Legislators raised “severe concerns about the state of competition in the ticketing market and its detrimental impact on consumers”

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According to a letter from Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., chair of a subcommittee on antitrust issues, Ticketmaster is not exposed to competition, therefore it is not compelled to innovate or offer better services.

Ticketmaster reported that more than two million Eras tour tickets were sold on Tuesday, setting a record for the most tickets ever sold for an artist in a single day, despite the technological issues. On that same day, Ticketmaster also sold one million tickets for other events.

That was stated “According to the volume of visitors to Ticketmaster, Taylor would have to play more than 900 stadium concerts (nearly 20 times as many gigs as she now does)… that entails a stadium performance every night for the ensuing 2.5 years.”

In an open letter to Ticketmaster’s CEO, Senator Amy Klobuchar slammed the firm and expressed her “severe concerns” with how it operates.

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