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The Simpsons look to be predicting the future following Trump’s 2024 statement

The producer of The Simpsons has noted that, in light of Donald Trump’s statement that he will run for president of the United States in 2024, the venerable animated series once again appeared to foretell the future.

Al Jean posted a 2015 episode screenshot with a flying Homer Simpson and the words “Trump 2024” on a background sign.

It happens at the same time that the former US president said on Tuesday that he would formally launch a third run for the White House.

The Simpsons creators have a history of foreseeing future events, with one such prediction being that Trump would become president in 2000.

As president, Lisa Simpson informed her advisers that “as you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget cut from President Trump” in the episode titled Bart To The Future.

Mr. Jean earlier told the PA news agency,

“The Trump prediction was a “insane coincidence, and there were “two types of Simpsons predictions.”

His comments were made earlier this year, when show executives ordered a special Simpsons animation in support of the nation after war broke out in Ukraine.

The situation that led to the events in Ukraine was previously portrayed in another episode.

When army men and tanks show up on the streets and the Berlin Wall is brought back to life in the 1998 Simpson Tide episode, it is joked that the Soviet Union was never actually destroyed.

Mr. Jean said he was “very upset this came true, but not surprised,” according to the PA news agency.


There are allegedly two different kinds of Simpsons predictions, he claimed.

There are things like Trump that are absurd coincidences, and then there are things like this where I’m genuinely sorry it happened but not surprised.

“You might have predicted this for a long time…

Thus, I believe that in order to safeguard freedom, you must be constantly on guard.

Many prominent people have made cameo appearances in the US animation over the years, most recently musician Billie Eilish and former prime leader Sir Tony Blair.

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