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The School for Good and Evil-Review

JK Rowling has done much already to reduce the public’s opinion of her professional accomplishments, But in Netflix’s fantasy “The School for Good and Evil,” “Harry Potter” and “Descendants” are mingled with a flavor of “Romeo and Juliet.” It’s actually as overcrowded as that sounds.

With a running duration of 2.5 hours, this huge, magical trip is undoubtedly far too long, but rarely do we catch any glimpses of the exceptional filmmaking skill that continues to make Paul Feig’s movies so fascinating. As he did with “Bridesmaids,” “The Heat,” and “A Simple Favor,” he is once again portraying a tale of female friendship, complete with all of its highs and lows and unique problems. Of course, the outfits are stunning as well; the renowned sartorial director would never cut corners there.

The school for good and evil plot revolves best friends Agatha and Sophie as they attend opposing schools designed to assist both heroes and criminals achieve their greatest potential.

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Since they were babies, the two have been great friends, but when Sophie runs away from home after learning about the School for Good, they find themselves in a tough position. Her rebellious sidekick, Agatha, travels with Sophie in an effort to get her home. As a result, neither female achieves the desired outcome. Agatha enrols at the School for Good, while Sophie enrols in the School for Evil. Agatha and Sophie try unsuccessfully to take their proper positions after becoming unhappy about their placements. The companions’ friendship is put to the test as they deal with problems that occur as they accept their fates.

The world-building throughout the film is not very brilliantly done by director Paul Feig, who also struggles to strike the right tone between the tale and the images. On the other side, while the wealthy world often comes off as a bit expensive, the story’s main focus—the bond between Sophie and Agatha—grounds it and provides a much-needed emotional dimension. The film makes an effort to resemble a traditional fairytale, complete with wolf guardians, ball gowns, and expansive, majestic castles, yet something is still missing. This plot leaves the audience wanting more, in contrast to other blockbusters like the Harry Potter series. The idea behind the film is interesting, but the plot is familiar and has more in common with a Disney film than a Netflix top-rated film.

The School for Good and Evil does nothing more than add another title to the overdone light against dark cliche, which has been done to death. Although Sophie and Agatha’s friendship is charming, the plot of this beautiful book and movie seems to be a mash-up of all the others that have been published.
I recommend skipping “The School for Good and Evil” when browsing Netflix. Other shows that are less embarrassing to watch do the concept better. The engaging premise and eye-catching images cannot make up for the film’s lack of suspense, depth, and decent acting.There is no amount of magic that could turn this movie into a worthy Netflix movie.

The School for Good and Evil tries to break myths and reveal some important truths somewhere behind the madness and mayhem—the blasted fireballs, swirls of blood, and sword fights choreographed to Billie Eilish and Britney Spears songs. At the good school, the popular clique is full of bullies; at the evil school, the oddballs and misfits are actually genuine and kind. Going along to get along might not be the best course of action, but being ambitious isn’t always a bad thing. But because the movie has so many different endings, which prolongs its already long runtime, it takes a while for anyone to find any kind of happily ever after.

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