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Taylor Swift Releases Her “Lavender Haze” Music Video

The second song from Taylor Swift’s album, Midnights, has now received its much awaited music video, and as predicted, it has fans ecstatic.

Taylor Swift and her partner, played by Laith Ashley, appear in the surrealist music video in what Taylor describes as a “sultry sleepless 70’s fever dream,” complete with purple haze, flowers sprouting from the carpet, and her television turning into a galaxy. Naturally, it concludes with her dozing off on a cloud amid a koi fish sea of swiping stars.

Taylor praised Laith, a transgender model and actress, on Instagram, saying, “I truly enjoyed working with him.”

She said that this was the first of the three videos she had written. “This one truly helped me conceive the universe and tone of Midnights,” she stated.

Taylor revealed the inspiration for several of the tracks, including the album’s opening single, “Lavender Haze,” in advance of its release in October. The song was co-written by her friend Zo Kravitz, and the singer admitted she was drawn to it after hearing it on Mad Men.

She explained it in an Instagram video from October 7: “It turns out that it’s a frequent word used in the ’50s where they would simply describe being in love, like, you were in the lavender haze.” And that meant you were enveloped in that enveloping loving light, which I found to be incredibly lovely.

Taylor, who has been dating Joe Alwyn since 2016, also made mention of their public spotlight and their personal relationship.

She said, “My relationship has had to avoid strange rumours and tabloid coverage for six years, and we just ignore it. This song is sort of about neglecting such stuff in order to safeguard the important things.

But not all of the songs on the album, including her brand-new hit from Midnights, explore her innermost feelings. The Grammy winner previously stated that the whole album is made up of tales from her own sleepless nights.

In an Instagram post commemorating the release of the album on October 21, she said, “This is a compilation of songs made in the middle of the night, a voyage through terrors and pleasant dreams.” “We pace the floors while battling our demons. For those of us who have tossed and turned and chosen to keep the lanterns light and continue looking in the hopes that perhaps, at twelve, we will run into ourselves.”

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What time is Lavender Haze music video?

Here is the music video for “Lavender Haze” by Taylor Swift. After inviting her social media fans to “Meet me at Midnight,” the singer debuted the music video on Friday at 12 a.m. ET.

How many listeners does Lavender Haze have?

With 41.4 million streams, 2,800 digital copies sold, and 2.4 million airplay listeners, “Lavender Haze” debuted at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.

What song does Lavender Haze sound like?

I Think He Knows and Lavender Haze
The first tune from “Midnights,” “Lavendar Haze,” has been compared to the bouncy “Lover” song, “I Think He Knows,” on Tiktok.

How do I find a song by describing the music video?

In the description section of YouTube videos, the music information is frequently included. You only need to scroll down to the part titled “Music in this video” after clicking the “see more” box. At the very least, it will display the song’s title and artist, and frequently it will include a YouTube link.



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