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For the First Time, Savannah Chrisley Speaks about her Brother Grayson Chrisley’s Car Accident

A frightening experience. For the first time, Savannah Chrisley opened up about her brother Grayson’s vehicle accident.

“He was on the highway. During the Tuesday, November 29, episode of her “Unlocked” series, the 25-year-old creator of Sassy by Savannah said, “I suppose another car was, like, swerving in and out of traffic “on the PodcastOne platform. “I believe that everyone overcorrected because of this one car,” the speaker said.

On November 12, Grayson, 16, was engaged in an automobile accident and suffered injuries that needed medical attention. Savannah continued, “His automobile is totaled.” It was awful.

The teenager’s accident was reported just days before Todd and Julie Chrisley, who were found guilty of tax fraud in June, received sentences totaling 19 years in jail. Savannah claimed that her younger brother was concerned about upsetting his family more than usual before the punishment.

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Savannah Chrisley with her family(Credit: gettyimages)

This was the last thing that anyone needed, he remarked in his opening statement. Savannah thought back.

“Dad said, ‘Grayson, as long as you’re alive and safe, who cares?'” Because it’s a car, insurance is necessary. You’re safe, secure, and in good health.'”

Savannah disclosed that her sibling called her before contacting Julie, 49, over the phone. The beauty entrepreneur said, “I suppose he called me because he was so frightened of going in trouble and he thought I could save him from it. He described it as a fender bender. You guys should know that every airbag in the entire front of his truck deployed. It was awful. When I arrived and saw it, my heart literally sunk.

Although the car was damaged, the driver is in considerably better condition. He’s fine, Savannah assured the audience. “Despite being hurt, he is OK. It might have gone much worse.”

Before the November 21 sentencing, the Georgia native and Julie taped the most recent episode of her podcast. Julie received a seven-year prison term, while her 53-year-old husband was given a 12-year term.

In a statement to Us Weekly on November 22, the Chrisley family’s lawyer said, “Yesterday was a terrible day for the Chrisley family.” But Todd and Julie are devout Christians, and their faith gives them courage as they defend their beliefs in court.

Julie once more refuted the accusations made against her and her husband in the pre-recorded programme. She stated, “I think about the circumstance that we’re in right now, and I’m thinking about the fact that I’ve never gone out here and hurt a soul.” “Look at where I am right now; I have never come out here and deliberately attempted to do anything that I wasn’t supposed to do. How does that feel right?

Savannah, on the other hand, criticised the legal system, saying that her parents had received worse treatment than those who had committed more severe crimes. “Look at everything we have to deal with. What makes that fair? “asked the former Growing Up Chrisley star. “It’s not when there are rapists, killers, traffickers, and all these other people here, but then what? Just a smack on the wrist is given to them.

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