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Katy Perry’s difficulty in controlling her eye during a concert alarms her fans

Katty Perry normally the constant professional, wowing fans with her amazing dance moves and beautiful vocals.

But a concert footage of Katy Perry only a few hours before her 38th birthday went viral. Concerning photos from the performance have surfaced, leaving fans to wonder if the singer is alright and what is wrong with her right eye.

Katty Perry Eye
Image Source – Google | Image by – https://www.dailymail.co.uk

Everything points to it being a health issue, and the theories spread quickly throughout all social networks. The singer appears to lose control of her eye in the footage as the camera zooms in on her face. Katy calmly tries to stop her eyelid from closing and staying closed, but her efforts are useless because the eyelid doesn’t move.

Katy Perry stretched her eyelid for a few seconds as she continued to try to fix the problem.

Some of the suggestions that were posted on social media sites were facial paralysis, stroke, vaccine side effects, or even cloning. However, the most likely reason is blepharospasm, which is a spasm in the eyelid muscle caused by Bell’s palsy.

Despite that, Katy Perry revealed in 2016 that she had “wonk eye” after receiving an award, which may have contributed to the concert’s event.

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