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Jennifer Aniston mourns death of her father, actor John Aniston from “Days of our Lives”

On Friday, November 11, renowned actor John Aniston, well known for his work on the well-liked soap opera Days of Our Lives, passed away at the age of 89. His 53-year-old actress daughter Jennifer Aniston shared a touching Instagram post on Monday to confirm the news. 

Jennifer Aniston, who gained notoriety as a result of the television programme Friends, commented, 

“You were one of the most gorgeous people I ever knew. I am so happy that you ascended into the heavens painlessly and in peace. and no less on 11/11! Your timing was always impeccable. That number now has an even deeper significance for me in the future. I will continue to love you forever”.

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In a touching Instagram post, the “Friends” actress paid tribute to her father and said, “I’ll love you forever.”

Carrier of John Aniston:

John was born in Greece, but at the age of two, he and his family moved to the United States. The Hollywood Reporter claims that John started acting in high school and went until college. After serving in the American Navy, he moved to New York and began performing, landing parts in theatre and television.

Achievements of John Aniston:

John Aniston received his first Days of Our Lives casting in 1970, portraying a jail physician by the name of Eric Richards. However, that part was short-lived, and John spent the remaining years of the decade primarily working on other soap operas, such as Love of Life and Search for Tomorrow. He also made an appearance on a few episodes of Kojak, the cop drama that starred Jennifer’s godfather, Telly Savalas.

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John returned to Days of Our Lives in 1985, this time playing Greek mafia lord Victor Kiriakis. John played the part intermittently for the following 37 years and appeared in brand-new episodes of the show this year.

He was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2017 for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, and in 2022, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

John Aniston worked on Days of Our Lives for the longest, but during the following decades, he also picked up a few more tiny roles. He made appearances in episodes of Star Trek: Voyager, The West Wing, and Gilmore Girls in the early 2000s. Later, he made an appearance in a Mad Men episode.

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John was asked how he wanted to be remembered in an interview with the Television Academy many years ago. He paused for a time, then simply said, “He was a terrific actor.”

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Jennifer Aniston mourns death of her father, actor John Aniston from “Days of our Lives”

What happened to Jennifer Aniston’s father?

Jennifer Aniston is mourning the passing of her father John Aniston while appearing on the new season of “The Morning Show” and visiting the “Friends” set. On Monday, November 14, the “Friends” actress announced on Instagram the passing of her “dear papa,” a legendary figure in the soap opera industry, at the age of 89.

Who is John Aniston?

The Days of Our Lives actor and Jennifer Aniston’s father, John Aniston, passed away on November 11 at the age of 89. Read the actress’ heartfelt remembrance to her “beloved papa” in Friends. John Aniston’s daughter Jennifer Aniston is paying tribute to his life and legacy.

What happened to John Aniston on ‘days of Our Lives’?

Playing Dr. Eric Richards on “Days of Our Lives” in 1970 was the start of John Aniston’s remarkable career. He returned to the programme in 1985 as the now-iconic Victor Kiriakis after playing a few other parts on daytime programmes. According to IMDb, an episode starring Aniston that was most likely taped months ago aired the day he passed away.

Is Jennifer Lopez dead or still alive?

The Friends alum said that the Days of Our Lives actor passed away on November 11 at the age of 89. Along with several images of her and her dad, Jennifer posted on Instagram on November 14: “You were one of the most beautiful persons I ever known.



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