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James Gunn’s younger Superman is imagined by DC Art, who explains why he’s ideal.

James Gunn’s younger Superman for the rebooted DC Universe is seen in new DC fan art, which also explains why the selected actor would be ideal for the part.

David Corenswet would be ideal for the part of James Gunn’s younger Superman in the DCU, according to a new DC artwork that makes the notion. DC Studios has undergone a significant restructuring, with Gunn and producer Peter Safran now in charge. When Gunn revealed that the first new project in the relaunched DC Universe will be a Superman movie sans the former star Henry Cavill, it caused a stir. The project won’t be an origin narrative, but it will centre on a younger Clark Kent.

A fresh piece of fan art depicting Corenswet as the new DCU younger Superman was posted on Instagram by artist Javier Sanchez. While Cavill’s resignation from the Superman role may have disappointed audiences, the fan art offers a promising alternative for DC’s future. Corenswet only has the appearance of Superman who sprang from the pages of a comic book and into the real world. See the fan artwork below:

Why David Corenswet Should Play Superman in the DC Universe?

TORONTO, ONTARIO – SEPTEMBER 12: David Corenswet attends the “Pearl” Premiere during the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival at Royal Alexandra Theatre on September 12, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Sanchez also cited a few explanations for why Corenswet is a good match for younger Superman. One is because Corenswet isn’t well-known in Hollywood, allowing him to develop with the part. The actor has a few notable roles under his belt, but he hasn’t yet emerged as one of the biggest stars in the film business. Corenswet would provide a clean slate and a much-needed breath of new air to the character of younger Superman if he were to be cast in the Gunn-written DCU relaunch. The actor’s resemblance to a younger Cavill may also help to placate some of the more irate supporters who were disappointed by his decision to leave Superman.

Corenswet has demonstrated in prior performances that he possesses the charm required to successfully portray both Clark Kent’s endearing nerdiness and Superman’s boy scout demeanour. Superman will be closer to the beginning of his career, according to facts from Gunn’s Superman script that have reportedly surfaced. Gunn said on social media that younger Superman will have have met other notable DC characters when he is next presented, thus the film won’t be an origin narrative.

One beginning that Corenswet would get to convey with the character is Clark entering The Daily Planet as a reporter and learning his way around with the aid of a young Lois Lane. Lili Reinhart, who has already collaborated with Corenswet on Netflix’s Look Both Ways, might be an excellent fit for a reboot version of Lois.

Corenswet, who is 29 years old, would be able to guide the DCU for the following ten years. One crucial factor in favour of this casting is the fact that Corenswet has expressed a desire to portray Superman. In several interviews, Corenswet has stated that playing Superman is his greatest dream. Corenswet would be the ideal option to return Clark to his lighter comic book beginnings after a period in which public opinion on the DCEU’s darker take on Superman wasn’t the best. If Gunn has Corenswet in mind while casting the new DCU, he may play the younger Superman fans are familiar with and adore.

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