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Former Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein was Given Sentence of 16 Years in Prison after being Found Guilty of Rape

Harvey Weinstein, a former Hollywood mogul and convicted rapist, will now spend the rest of his life in prison after receiving a 16-year sentence.

On Thursday morning, nearly two months after the conclusion of Weinstein’s trial in Los Angeles, where a jury found him guilty on three charges of rape and sexual assault, a sentencing hearing was held in downtown Los Angeles.

NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 13: Harvey Weinstein enters New York City Criminal Court on January 13, 2020 in New York City. Weinstein, a movie producer whose alleged sexual misconduct helped spark the #MeToo movement, pleaded not-guilty on five counts of rape and sexual assault against two unnamed women and faces a possible life sentence in prison. (Photo by Scott Heins/Getty Images)

After being found guilty of rape and sexual assault in New York at his criminal trial in 2020, Weinstein is already serving a 23-year sentence there. Weinstein will serve his Los Angeles sentence following his New York sentence, the judge ruled on Thursday.

Harvey Weinstein addressed the court before being sentenced and pleaded with Judge Lisa B. Lench one last time.

Weinstein stated,

“I maintain my innocence.”

Harvey Weinstein declared,

“This is about money and trying to get me.” “Please don’t give me a life sentence. I’m not worthy of it. There are numerous issues with this case. There is no proof… It’s a setup, I plead for your pity.

The judge was asked by Weinstein’s defence team, led by Mark Werksman and Alan Jackson, to sentence him to three years per charge.

“They urged the judge to consider the man Weinstein was “before he was accused of being a sexual predator” and claimed that the #MeToo movement had turned him into a caricature. Weinstein is a father and has medical problems, according to his counsel. He is a 70-year-old guy in poor health, according to Werksman. He led a full, wealthy, and fruitful life that included raising five children. He now appears to his kids as a robotic voice on the phone.”

Werksman praised Harvey Weinstein’s performance in the entertainment sector and urged the judge to take note of his achievements. In his 50-year career, Mr. Weinstein “done a lot of good for a lot of people,” according to Werksman. “He created hundreds of films that millions of people enjoyed… Many well-known actors would mention him in their Oscar acceptance speeches. He generously donated to both political and charitable organisations.

The court sentenced Harvey Weinstein to 16 years in prison for the three crimes for which the jury found him guilty after hearing from Weinstein and his attorneys. Lench added, “These are not decisions to be made lightly, but this is my decision.

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 24: Movie producer Harvey Weinstein (R) enters New York City Criminal Court on February 24, 2020 in New York City. Jury deliberations in the high-profile trial are believed to be nearing a close, with a verdict on Weinstein’s numerous rape and sexual misconduct charges expected in the coming days. (Photo by Scott Heins/Getty Images)

Accusations Against Harvey Weinstein:

The three accusations against Harvey Weinstein that led to his conviction were all based on the allegations against Jane Doe #1, a European model who stated she was sexually assaulted by Weinstein at the Mr. C Hotel following the 2013 L.A. Italia Film Festival.

Jane Doe #1 made an emotional victim impact statement while testifying in court with her kid, sobbing the entire time. She wanted the judge to sentence Weinstein to life in prison. No amount of time in jail could repair the harm, she argued. “I hope you sentence him to the maximum amount.”

“Ten years later, the effects of this rape are still raw, and it is difficult to talk about them. This makes it very difficult for me to stand here. She addressed the judge and stated, “I have been carrying this weight, this pain, and this unreasonable idea that it was my fault for years. “His self-centered, abhorrent behaviours have seriously affected me and my life. His treatment of me was abhorrent.

Jane Doe #1 was visibly crying as Weinstein spoke, and her sobs could be heard above his. Weinstein claimed to the judge that Jane Doe #1 had made up the entire rape and insisted that he had never even touched her or committed any kind of sexual assault. The truth is that neither she nor I are acquainted, according to Weinstein. This narrative is fiction. Respectfully, Jane Doe #1 is an actor who can make people cry… This is false.

Jane Doe #1 has been the centre of attention for Weinstein’s team, who used her as support for their demand for a fresh trial with a new jury, which the judge rejected on Thursday morning before the sentencing. Their appeal will probably centre on Jane Doe #1.

The court, according to Weinstein’s attorneys, erroneously barred them from presenting pertinent facts and arguments, particularly those pertaining to Jane Doe #1. Jackson made a lengthy case for Weinstein receiving a new trial before the sentence was handed down, claiming that the court had “accepted perjury on the stand” from Jane Doe #1. He asserted that the jury “was drawn into the lies of Jane Doe” and that the prosecution was “sandbagged by a lie stated on the stand.”


Years of whispers about Weinstein’s behaviour had circulated in the entertainment industry, but due to his position of influence in Hollywood, few people were ready to openly criticise him.

In 2017, shocking claims against him surfaced, sparking the #MeToo movement and enabling hundreds of women to speak out against sexual harassment at work.

Harvey Weinstein
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JULY 09: Harvey Weinstein appears at his arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court on July 9, 2018 in New York City. Weinstein, previously arrested for sexual assault against two accusers, was arraigned on three new charges including criminal sexual act and predatory sexual assault involving a third female accuser. (Photo by Jefferson Siegel-Pool/Getty Images)

Numerous women have now accused Weinstein of acting in a sexual manner.

Harvey Weinstein lost his initial appeal in New York’s intermediate appellate court in June against his criminal conviction and sentence.

He has, however, also filed a second appeal in that matter with the New York Court of Appeals.

After his conviction in New York, scores of other women who had accused the former movie mogul of abuse received $17 million in a civil trial.

The actress from Europe who accused Weinstein of rape in Los Angeles filed a lawsuit against him earlier this month.

In the civil lawsuit, negligence, false detention, intentional infliction of mental distress, and sexual battery are all alleged.

According to her case, Harvey Weinstein’s actions were reprehensible and motivated by malice, oppression, and deception, which supported the imposition of punitive damages against him.

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