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GloRilla Denies DJ Chambers of Arkansas’ Claim that the Two are Now Working

GloRilla refutes Arkansas DJ’s claim that they are working

One of the biggest emerging musicians in the business is still GloRilla. A lot of people considered her and Hitkidd’s song “F.N.F. (Let’s Go),” which was released at the end of the spring, to be the summer’s biggest hit. It entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart’s top 55 and ruled the remainder of 2022. The summer also saw Glo sign with Yo Gotti’s CMG record company, another Memphis native.

Since then, GloRilla has achieved even more success with songs like “Tomorrow,” “Blessed,” and “Tomorrow 2,” which features Cardi B. At number seven this week, Tomorrow 2 attained its highest-charting spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. These songs were all included in Glo’s brand-new “Anyways, Life’s Great” EP, which was released this month and earned F.N.F a Grammy nomination.

However, GloRilla is currently back in style. This is because an Arkansas-based DJ has allegedly started working with her. DJ Chambers published this on Facebook. DJ Chambers tweeted, “So GloRilla just phoned me and instructed me to pack my bags.” It’s time to increase my state once more.

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GloRilla responded by disputing these statements on Facebook as a result. She continued, adding in response to Chambers. “What are you talking. Ian stated something similar.

Glo’s remarks follow the star’s debut EP, Anyways, Life’s Great, being released. The 23-year-old artist has just learned that she has been nominated for her first Grammy. Glo and Latto, who was also a first-time candidate, congratulated one another on their nominations on social media. Glo wrote, “The same song they were making fun of me and my pals for being Ugly & Dusty just got nominated for a Grammy.” “YOU CAN’T FAIL WHEN GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE. YET GOD

Latto sent Big Glo a heartfelt tweet of congrats. She tweeted, “G to the L to the O BIG GLO!” The rapper from Memphis reciprocated the sentiment, saying, “Congratulations to you as well!!!” Both femcees announced their next collaboration track on Twitter on Tuesday, November 29. It will be released this Friday.

Regarding Glo’s response to DJ Chambers’ remark, the “F.N.F” rapper has already attacked her detractors on social media. She just wrote a letter to everyone who commented on her motivational videos. “I can say things like, “Horrible asss Bitch bad attitude,” and people will reply, “Humble Yourself,” but if you think that everyone should despise themselves, you need to get assistance.”

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