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The Cowboys Win Last Night over the Colts has an NFL record-setting final score

In the NFL Cowboys win last night, there is typically not much drama on the field in the fourth quarter of a rout, but on Sunday night there was definitely some drama since the Cowboys and Colts were attempting a scorigami, which is when a game concludes with a final score that has never occurred in NFL history.

Dallas scored a late touchdown, and we got the scorigami: The Cowboys win last night 54-19 over the Colts was the first time in NFL history that a game has ever ended with that precise score.

It is the 1074th different final score in NFL history, as you can see above.

Only the second scorigami of the 2022 season was achieved by the Cowboys win last night. The only other one came in Week 4, when the Seahawks defeated the Lions 48-45.

There were six scorigamis in total during the 2021 season, although it stands to reason that as more final scores fall off the all-time list, scorigamis will become less common, which is probably a major factor in why there haven’t been as many this year.

After Matt Ryan fumbled with just under four minutes remaining in the game and Dallas leading 47-19, the scorigami almost didn’t happen. The Cowboys win last night took over on Indianapolis’ 29-yard line after recovering the fumble. The final score would have likely been 50-19 if the Cowboys had been forced to kick a field goal there, which would NOT have been a scorigami (That score has happened one time in NFL history and it came back in 1979). However, Malik Davis orchestrated the scorigami when he ran in a 23-yard touchdown with 2:25 remaining in the game.

There didn’t seem to be any prospect that the Sunday night game would result in a scorigami. The Cowboys win last night only had a 21-19 lead going into the fourth quarter, and it didn’t appear like there were many plausible point combinations that could have caused the game to end in a score, but Dallas then went on a tear, outscoring the Colts 33-0 to raise the final score to 54-19. Dallas now has the second-highest scoring fourth quarter in NFL history thanks to its 33 points.

Cowboys win last night
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Given that they were engaged in three of the six incidents that occurred last season, it is appropriate that these two clubs provided us with a scorigami this year. The Colts defeated the Jets 45-30 in Week 9 of 2021 to win the game. They triumphed 41-15 over the Bills in Week 11. For the Cowboys, their 51-26 victory over the Eagles in the regular-season finale was their 2021 scorigami.

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