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Chris Hemsworth learns that his unusual genetic composition increase his risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Chris Hemsworth had a challenging physical and personal journey for his new series “Limitless” that finally resulted in a frightening realization.

Chris Hemsworth admits that learning he possessed the APOE4 gene, which has been associated with a higher chance of Alzheimer’s illness, while filming Limitless was emotionally challenging, but he didn’t want it to turn into a “hokey grasp at empathy” for the show’s entertainment value.

The actor opened up to Vanity Fair about addressing this epiphany with the cast, his family, and viewers of his new National Geographic original series, Limitless alongside Chris Hemsworth.

The Marvel actor claims that the encounter forced him to acknowledge his own mortality. Navigating it required “intensity,” he said. “The majority of us prefer to avoid talking about death in the hopes that we may do so in some way. We all think we’ll figure it out in the end.

Chris Hemsworth attends the Sydney premier of Thor (Image credit: https://www.gettyimages.com/)

The reality of it then sets in when you learn that there are some significant indicators that this is the course that will be taken.

The Mayo Clinic reports that having two copies of the gene can increase your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease eight to twelvefold. The actor, who collaborated on the series with creator and producer Darren Aronofsky, said he learned he had two copies of the gene after getting bloodwork for the fifth episode.

The aim was to tell me all the results on video before discussing how to improve this and that. “They collected all my bloodwork and performed a number of tests. And Peter Attia, who oversees a lot of the show and plays the longevity doctor in that episode, called Darren and said, “I don’t want to tell him this on camera. To find out if he even wants this to be in the programme, we need to have an off-side discussion, Hemsworth says.

The Furiosa actor claimed to have received the news via a brief phone call, but yet described it as “quite shocking.” At the time, he was with his parents, who had just as many inquiries as the actor. My parents were present when I hung up the phone. He said that they asked, “What was that about? “And once I told them, they asked me a lot of questions. I had a lot of questions, but nobody responded.

After hearing the news, Chris Hemsworth said that he wished he “had more intense follow-up,” since it left him unsure of whether to be scared or concerned. The Limitless host was given “a version of the show where we didn’t talk about it,” the actor claims, adding that despite his uncertainty, the production moved cautiously. Chris Hemsworth opted out.

Chris Hemsworth learns that his unusual genetic composition increases his risk of Alzheimer’s disease

“I told the magazine, “No, look, if this is an incentive for people to take better care of themselves and also recognize that there are actions you can do — then terrific. “I simply didn’t want to twist it and overdramatize it, and turn it into some sort of cheesy grab at empathy or something for entertainment,” was my main concern.

Chris Hemsworth claims he has not yet spoken to his children about the development, despite having discussed it with his parents. He doesn’t think it’s necessary to do anything just yet.

Chris Hemsworth with his family Image credit: https://www.gettyimages.com/

No, I don’t think they could have understood or understood the concept, he said. “I didn’t get handed my resignation and this is what it is; it expires in a few months, not like that. Thankfully, the scenario is not exactly that. I’m sure I’ll bring it up at some point. They presumably wish to perform a test on themselves to determine whether they fall into the type of people who will be sensitive to this or not.

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