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Brendan Fraser: Actor won’t go to the Golden Globes

Brendan Fraser says he won’t go to the 2023 Golden Globes if his upcoming film “The Whale” is nominated because of his “history” with the organisation that will be hosting the ceremony, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The actor accused former HFPA president Philip Berk of a 2003 assault in 2018 during the Me Too campaign. Fraser is making it clear that, if nominated on December 12, he won’t attend the January awards ceremony because of the alleged incident.

In a recent interview with GQ that was released on Wednesday, Brendan Fraser stated,

“I have more history with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association than I do regard for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.” “No, I won’t take part.”

Brendan Fraser first addressed the allegations in a 2018 GQ interview, claiming Berk had touched him inappropriately at an HFPA summer luncheon. Brendan Fraser claimed that Berk attempted to shake the actor’s hand in the middle of a packed room but instead grabbed his butt.

Berk rebutted Fraser’s allegations right away. In 2021, he lost his position on the board of directors after calling Black Lives Matter a “hate movement” in an email.

Brendan Fraser
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At the time of the 2018 interview, the HFPA released a statement in which it declared that it “stands firmly against sexual harassment and the type of behavior mentioned in this piece.” Fraser claims that the organization later requested his signature on a joint statement claiming that the groping was “meant to be seen as a joke.”

“I anticipated that they would put off taking action. They would lead the story, I knew it. In a recent GQ interview, Fraser stated, “I knew that with that system as it was, I most definitely had no future. No hypocrite was raised by my mum. There are many things you may call me, but not that.”

The HFPA, which consists of American-based journalists from foreign publications, has been the subject of controversy since since Fraser’s accusations. The Los Angeles Times revealed in February 2021 that there were no Black members of the HFPA’s secret voting panel.

Brendan Fraser
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The probe also turned out information that more than 30 members received a lavish trip to Paris, paid for by the “Emily in Paris” creators on Netflix, before the show received two Golden Globe nominations, despite garnering negative reviews.

The HFPA announced a number of reformative changes after the organization’s flaws were made public, including new codes and bylaws; in October, it inducted 21 new voters, which it calls its “most diverse class to date;” earlier this year, the HFPA announced that the 80th Golden Globes will air on NBC on January 10.

Brendan Fraser
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Brendan Fraser stated that only “time will tell” if the organization will stick to its changes, but he is adamant that he won’t be there. Fraser will, however, continue to promote his role in Darren Aronofsky’s “The Whale,” which hits theatres on December 9.

In the movie, Brendan Fraser plays a solitary English teacher who struggles with obesity and makes an effort to get back in touch with his daughter. He has been nominated for outstanding lead performance at the upcoming Gotham Awards and is thought to be a strong contender for best actor at the Oscars.

Brendan Fraser told GQ,

“I owe it to myself and I owe it to the creators.” “This is my chance. I owe it to my kids.”

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