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Why 1899 is Cancelled by Netflix After Just One Season?

Major science fiction series 1899 has been cancelled by Netflix after just one season. Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, the minds behind another popular Netflix series, Dark, were the series’ creators. Dark and 1899 both enjoyed enigmatic plots that left the viewer wondering at every step. The Kerberos ship’s crew and passengers were the subject of 1899, along with the sinister mysteries linking their voyage to those of the recently vanished Prometheus.

Co-creator of 1899 Baran bo Odar said on Instagram that Netflix decided against producing a second season of the programme. Bo and co-creator Jantje shared the news in a joint statement, beginning with expressing their regret that Netflix decided not to extend the programme, leaving 1899 season 2 unable to resolve the question raised by the season 1 ending.

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The show’s co-creator also revealed that the initial intent was for 1899 to follow Netflix’s Dark’s format of three seasons to tell its story of twists and turns. In a thank-you note to 1899 admirers, the statement’s authors note the impact the news would have on millions of people. View the complete announcement below:

What is the Subject of Season Two of 1899?

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There were several hypotheses on the potential format of a second season of 1899. The crew and passengers of the Kerberos discovered the lost Prometheus ship at sea during the first episode of the dark show’s first season. The conclusion of 1899 revealed that the entire season’s events occurred inside a simulation made by the protagonist Maura, who was unaware of anything that had happened.

The sci-fi twist was later shown to be connected to Maura’s desire for a location where she could be with her son, Elliot. When Maura transported her son’s conscience to the virtual time loop reality she built in 1899, it became clear that Elliot was dealing with a major illness back in the actual world and could even be dying from it.

The conclusion of 1899’s first season saw Maura chose to awaken from the virtual environment she had constructed after finally remembering her history. As Maura discovered when she awoke in the finale that the Kerberos’s surviving crew and passengers were dozing out in pods all around her, the 1899 Prometheus ship was actually a spacecraft.

With an outside image of the spacecraft travelling into space in the year 2099, the audience learns that Maura is aboard the Project Prometheus spacecraft. The conclusion of 1899 gave season 2 the chance to see Maura attempting to determine if she is in the actual world or a simulation run by her brother Cirian, who was shown to be in charge of the previous Kerberos simulation.

Netflix Maintains a Trend of Cancelling Major Shows:

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Another notable series that has not received a renewal from Netflix recently is 1899. In the past couple of years, subscribers have frequently used social media to urge Netflix to reconsider the cancellation of a few projects. Before this season, also suffered cancellation by Netflix, the fantasy series Warrior Nun was the most recent example of the streamer’s tendency.

In the case of Warrior Nun, Netflix fared even worse, with viewers claiming on social media that the streaming service intended the programme to fail considering how little promotion there was for the debut of Warrior Nun season 2. Since the show’s writers having previously collaborated with Netflix on the hit series Dark, it didn’t face this issue. Nevertheless, despite excellent ratings and effective promotion, this series was ultimately cancelled.

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